“I have found that Pilates with Ruth has enabled me to exercise gently but effectively without putting undue strain on my arthritic knees and lower back, whereas some other forms of exercise are too painful to undertake. Would recommend her classes to other arthritis sufferers.”

Sue Chandler


“I have been enjoying my Reformer classes with Ruth since the studio opened in June 2014. In November 2013 I had suffered a broken right leg which had left me rather weak & stiff in the ankle. The exercises on the Reformer have helped enormously with balance, strength and mobility of my ankle joint.

Unfortunately, October 2015 I suffered rotator cuff injury which has been extremely painful & inconvenient (shoulders take notoriously a long time to recover).  Ruth has given me specific Pilates exercises which have helped me to regain mobility and strength in my arm and shoulder and I am now well on the way to recovery.”

Julia Grant


“I can say from personal experience that Ruth’s Reformer classes have really helped improve my core body strength and my running and cycling have both benefited from me being much more aware of my posture and tracking.”

Mark Fitton


“Following illness and subsequent weight loss Pilates with Ruth has really helped me to gain some strength.”

Carolyne Mc Kay


“I started having 1:1 Pilates sessions with Ruth after my osteopath and physiotherapist suggested it to strengthen my core muscles to help with arthritis in my back; I can’t believe how quickly it has improved things and would thoroughly recommend Ruth to anyone.”

Gwyneth Brewster


“I have found that the Reformers have helped my mobility with problems I can experience with my shoulders and pelvic area.  Since working with Ruth, I have not had to visit the osteopath.  It also helps stretch out aching muscles from exercise classes I do throughout the week!  Ruth gently, and professionally, explains how to get the most from the movements which gives confidence and great benefits.”

Gill Christian


“I have had chronic back pain for several years. Since I’ve been doing Pilates, my back has improved significantly and I rarely get pain now. Ruth is an excellent instructor, and no matter how tired or aching I am when I arrive at the studio, I always feel good when I leave after the class.”

Karen Giles


” I was recommended to do Pilates by several medical professionals to help resolve posture related neck pain. I discovered Ruth’s studio in Poundbury and her classes have contributed to my recovery and improved wellness; I feel stronger, more flexible and mobile and able to continue with my leisure pursuits pain free.”

Matthew Hardy


“I feel ten years younger and two inches taller and I always leave with a spring in my step!”

Melanie Maber


“After a decade of trying to find a low impact core strength exercise solution to help manage my low back pain, , I found Poundbury Pilates. The studio, equipment and quality of coaching is all top notch – I fully recommend them”.

Peter Hyde


“Pilates is an absolutely essential part of Olympic Gold Medallist Lijia Xu’s training, not only for performance but also Injury prevention. We are very grateful for the training at Poundbury Pilates and we visit the studio as often as our international programme will allow.”

Jon Emmett (Vice Chairman and Training Officer for the UKLA)


“I have attended Ruth’s Pilates class for nearly 2 years. She has an inner calm and progressed the class over months to more challenging exercises. She is an amazing teacher, humorous and quietly improving us week by week. Pilates has become important to my weekly routine, and now I find it is a necessity if I want to work comfortably at at a desk all day. We are all going to miss her!”

Chris C.


“Having suffered almost constant lower back pain for 2 years following a slipped disc, Pilates was recommended by a friend. Sceptical at first, I started to attend beginners sessions and was amazed to find that after a few weeks the pain started to reduce, and eventually went away completely. I have now been free of back pain for over 8 years.
Ruth is an excellent instructor, clearly describing and demonstrating the various exercises. She modifies the classes to suit ability while at the same time encouraging all participants to challenge their limits.
The benefits I have gained from attending Ruth’s Pilates classes have allowed me to participate in many activities previously prohibited by my back pain. I have no hesitation in recommending her to all.”

Colin M


“I have very much enjoyed my lessons with Ruth, she is a motivating Pilates teacher. Her lessons are thoughtful and thorough, you really feel that you are progressing from stage to stage. I would recommend Ruth’s teaching to anyone who wants to receive expert tuition from someone who is really passionate about what Pilates can achieve.”

Jacky Orlans


“I attended Ruth’s Pilates class for 3 years before she moved to Dorset.  She is a superb, professional and very knowledgeable Pilates teacher who stretched our class to do more each week whilst still supporting those of us who were slower to get to grips with moves.  She also kept the classes interesting by introducing different moves and by using different equipment.  My core strength, posture and suppleness has improved dramatically in the time I have worked with Ruth and I have far fewer aches and pains than a few years ago.  The Pilates has also helped me to become much more aware day to day of how and where I hold tension in my body, for example my shoulders whilst on the computer.  With that awareness, I am able to consciously relax or do a few quick exercises and so am much more relaxed and less tense than previously.  Ruth has been a joy to work with and I know our whole class will miss her.”

Wendy Oliver


“I have found Ruth’s Pilates classes to be both beneficial and enjoyable and would recommend them. Ruth is a sympathetic and engaging instructor and her classes reflect this.”

Blake Penfold


“Ruth has worked for me for several years before her move to Poundbury. She is a top, top teacher. She has a relaxed and patient demeanour. She teaches with honesty and integrity, and has developed into a fine teacher indeed. She was very popular with the clients, and they me, and the rest of the team are sad that she has left us.”

Tarun Chadha Director ’Pilates by the Green’


“I am a keen cyclist.  One of the keys to success in long distance cycling is a strong inner core.  Ruth has been great not only in getting my inner core into shape but also working on leg conditioning and strength.  I have no doubt that working with Ruth has enabled me to do well in a number of challenging long distance bike rides.  London’s loss is Dorset’s gain.”

Larry Wise