Strengthen and shape your body through a series of classical and contemporary Pilates mat-based exercises designed to elongate and tone muscles restoring the body to its natural balance.

Our matwork classes focus on the essential Pilates skills of alignment, breathing, centring, control and flowing movement through a series of progressive, low impact stability exercises improving strength and suppleness in all your joints and muscle groups increasing your body awareness and understanding of efficient movement.

We ensure you are exercising at the right level and with the use of props such as resistance bands, magic circles and light weights we add variety and challenge to your Pilates practice. Our classes are small with just 6 people in each group allowing us to give personalised feedback to help you reach your goals.

If you are interested in joining a group matwork class a one-to-one session introducing you to Pilates is essential. More information can be found on our getting started page.

Contact us today to book your introduction to matwork or simply to ask for more details.