About Ruth

Ruth Cowell director Poundbury Pilates studio


I first experienced the benefits of Pilates during a busy career as a primary teacher. I have always been very active enjoying keeping fit and an outdoor lifestyle, and felt Pilates had something more to offer. In 2010, I qualified as a matwork teacher after completing a yearlong study with the Pilates Foundation. I decided to take a further year of study in equipment Pilates and qualified in 2012. My experience is as rich and varied as the people I have taught. I have taught Pilates to people in all life stages – children, pregnancy, middle and advanced years. I have taken referrals from physiotherapists and osteopaths for people in the post-rehabilitation phase of recovery from injury and surgery and for a broad spectrum of medical conditions.

I continue to develop my understanding of how to use Pilates in a way that is sympathetic to each individual’s needs and attend regular courses and workshops. One of the most inspiring workshops I attended was with ‘The Danish Wounded Warrior Initiative’, learning about Pilates and gait improvement with prosthetic limbs and aiding recovery from poly-trauma.

My personal practice of Pilates has helped me to keep a disc injury in check and to manage on going back pain, keeping me healthy and active in mid-life, and I am sure will do so for many years to come. I believe everyone can benefit from Pilates and find life’s biggest reward in teaching others.

Ruth Cowell B.Sc PGCE  director of Poundbury Pilates studio and fully accredited Pilates Foundation teacher