Private Small Groups

Private small groups are available as a duet (two people), trio (three people) and quad (four people). Small groups are ideal for groups of friends and couples who wish to train together. Sorry, the grouping of participants is not organised by the studio. The sessions are designed specifically for your needs and goals using a combination of matwork repertoire and exercises based on our studio large apparatus (Reformer, Cadillac and chair). The sessions can serve both as a complement to your existing exercise regime or sport and as a great stand-alone body conditioning routine in its own right.

Pilates studio large apparatus (Reformer, Cadillac and chair) was developed by the late Joseph Pilates. This specialist equipment is what sets us aside from other studios offering matwork alone. The equipment extends our Pilates teaching to meet those with more remedial needs and for those looking to work at a higher level.

The equipment was developed with rehabilitation in mind and gives us a raised comfortable surface at bed height on which to exercise and the simple system of sprung loaded pulleys and straps can be used to provide both challenge and support for your body, depending on your needs.

Pilates small group sessions can work alongside your treatment and rehabilitation programme under your physiotherapist, back specialist, osteopath or chiropractor. We can work closely with your specialist to ensure a consistent approach to getting you back to health quickly.

Contact us today to book your small group or simply to ask for more information.